I started my day today with Ms. Morgan's 3rd Grade class. 

We had the opportunity to practice a few "Ish" drawings in our sketchbooks as a warm-up and then I introduced a new term to them, "Zentangle," and asked them what it meant to them.

Most of the students told me, when I asked them what that word might mean, that they thought it meant "rectangle" or it was the word used when a "rectangle is on its side."  After I got a few of the same sorts of answers I began to wonder why everyone in the class thought the same thing about this new word I was presenting them with such different experiences.

Then I noticed the screen I had left on the Activ Board.  I had written the word "Zentangle" and drawn a rectangle to use as my starting point in my demonstration, for after our discussion.  The students had gone with their visual clues and come up with the obvious answer.  That answer, of course, had unintentionally mislead them away from the direction I wanted them to take, because they were "laser focused" on the rectangle that I had left them on the board.
  But, at least I now know where to stop in preparation for tomorrow's lesson.
I've been telling my students all week that as they approach the art room or walk down the hallway, they need to get into a habit of "staying in the second square out from the wall." 

I told them that this would be a good habit to get into as we begin to complete our first few projects and when I begin to show off their artwork to the other classes, this would keep the artwork neat, but also keep their clothing and fingers clean.

I took this photo today in the hopes that this would be the barest that our hallway would ever be.  So, say good-bye to our plain, empty walls one last time, as I will be spending part of my weekend in an effort to liven up the hallway outside!

If you've had a chance to visit the art room, you may have noticed, what looks like, a recycling center in the back corner of our room.  You really wouldn't be incorrect in that guess, but there's a little more to it than that.

You've, in fact, seen the simple beginning developments of our Creation Station.  A place where students can continue to utilize the budding creativity that they've hatched in a previous project.

The Creation Station is always in need of donations, as the students will get to keep what they develop from the supplies and materials.  Whether it is craft materials, clean recyclables or connecting supplies (i.e. tape and glue), if you're able to donate to the Creation Station, you'll always be a friend of the Voyager Elementary art room and our students will love you!

    Thank you so much to those who have already donated to our Voyager Elementary Art Room and to those that I met at our 1st-3rd Grade Open House that picked up a card from the Wish List table.  It was a pleasure to meet you and for your donations as our art department continues to grow!

    A big Voyager Viking yell has to go our to Clark, Chris and Josh at Bull City Rug on North Roxboro Road, who graciously donated some carpet squares to our classroom, so that the students and I will have somewhere to discuss our projects together before moving to their activity spaces.  It took a couple of hours, but I fashioned a rug with my own bare hands!

Thanks so much for your donations and for those that will continue to come in!  We will use them all, I'm sure of it!
Our newly put-together classroom rug!

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