I started my day today with Ms. Morgan's 3rd Grade class. 

We had the opportunity to practice a few "Ish" drawings in our sketchbooks as a warm-up and then I introduced a new term to them, "Zentangle," and asked them what it meant to them.

Most of the students told me, when I asked them what that word might mean, that they thought it meant "rectangle" or it was the word used when a "rectangle is on its side."  After I got a few of the same sorts of answers I began to wonder why everyone in the class thought the same thing about this new word I was presenting them with such different experiences.

Then I noticed the screen I had left on the Activ Board.  I had written the word "Zentangle" and drawn a rectangle to use as my starting point in my demonstration, for after our discussion.  The students had gone with their visual clues and come up with the obvious answer.  That answer, of course, had unintentionally mislead them away from the direction I wanted them to take, because they were "laser focused" on the rectangle that I had left them on the board.
  But, at least I now know where to stop in preparation for tomorrow's lesson.


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